Most organizations don’t fight the competition, but themselves.

Miscommunication, unproductive meetings, low engagement, low productivity, burn-outs, high absenteeism, high turnover, uncertainty, stress, fear, office politics, gossip, feeling unsafe, feeling excluded, and feeling unseen. The list goes on.

Work is not working. It’s mind-blowing how little attention is given to this topic whilst we all spend doing it 40 hours a week, 45 weeks a year, for 35 years.

Our way of working was invented a century ago. But today we’re not standing next to an assembly line, but sit behind a laptop or in a meeting. Yet, we still let century old principles dictate how we work.

That’s why we need a new way of working together. One that puts humans first.

From input-oriented to output based, from fear to psychological safety, and from monitoring to trusting; this is what human centred work looks like.

I help leaders, teams & organisations with:

Organizational Culture:

Develop new ways of working and collaborating, that support the organization.

Team Collaboration:

Build trust, overcome friction and give tools to work better together as a team.

Leading Others:

Develop resilient leaders with the right skills to lead the organization.

Strategy Implementation:

Transform a concept into concrete behaviour, align and engage everyone.

I have worked with:

What people say about me:

"Working with Marc is an absolute joy. His insights in teamwork and human behaviour are simple to understand, even if you're 'new to all of it'. Marc helped our Management Team define clear obstacles in our way of working, and more importantly, we learned ways to better connect as human beings.

– Maartje Weijers
Head of Culture at Boomerang Agency

"Marc has a talent for creating a safe atmosphere in which it feels safe to share personal information. As a result, he knows how to get to the heart of the behavior that opposes necessary change in order to achieve positive results. It enables organizations to work from their strengths."

– Rudy van Belkom
Founder of Het Nieuwe Kiezen

Recent work:


DGTL Festival developed a new brand strategy. How to realise it?

A new strategy creates personal anxieties that, if not shared, withhold us from doing the change necessary. Through multiple sessions, we created space to ask questions, share concerns and fears. Afterwards, we translated the strategy into concrete projects with a detailed plan of who needs to do what, when, to make it reality.

From concept to concrete projects, clear outcomes and tangible behaviour: Employees now own the strategy. But more important, they connected with each other on a human level, which increased trust and motivated them to do the work together.


Graydon wanted to become a responsive organization with self-organizing teams.

We set up the first cross-functional team in the organisation and started to build trust and align expectations. For six months, I coached weekly meetings and ran team-dynamics sessions to make members work better together. More than structure, self-organizing is about changing behaviour: learning how to work with roles and responsibilities instead of titles, give and receive feedback, and reflect. One year later, I am helping other teams, so the whole organization becomes self-organizing.

Past quarters, this team had the highest revenue of the whole organization. Moreover, the team’s engagement is high because they work based on trust and transparency.

In collaboration with OrganizationBuilders

Culture Canvas

How to make culture easy to understand and concrete to work with?

Culture is abstract, it’s intangible, it’s a gut feeling; Right? I believe it's not. Culture can be very concrete. That’s why I developed the Culture Canvas. To answer this, I developed the Culture Canvas. No fluffiness, no vague values: analysing your culture, understanding how it helps and limits you in doing your best work, and changing it for the better becomes as easy as filling in a piece of paper.

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