Process Design & Facilitation.

I'm Marc Vollebregt, an Amsterdam-based Process Designer & Facilitator

The past century the world, our way of communicating, and the challenges we deal with have changed – but our way of working hasn't. Time for a change.

Therefore, I design and facilitate processes for organisations, teams and individuals to solve their own problem. Not by focussing on the solution, but by focussing on the steps they need to take to come up with the solution themselves; From making important decisions, forming a new strategy for the coming years, to coming up with new ideas for a challenge.

But more importantly – while doing that – I change how people work together, and how they think about work; I empower teams, facilitate change, to create a culture where everyone is seen as a human-being.

I have worked with clients such as Spotify, Uber, Electrolux, Philips, ABN Amro, Interpolis, Vandebron, De Volksbank, Hyper Island, De Correspondent, Dutch Design Week, and Momkai.